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Digital Push Pull meter

Product Description

Mechanical force gauge is an analog-type force gauge with spring mechanism, which is also known as Push Pull Meter. Mechanical force gauge is easy-handling since it is durable and needs no battery. Besides, you can stably apply force and easily read force transition by seeing the movement of pointer. Mechanical force gauge can be used as a simple handheld measuring device, or an accurate force tester in combination with a dedicated test stand. We also offer compact mechanical force gauges designed for integration into equipment. IMADA offers a wide range of mechanical force gauges to meet your testing needs. See the detail of our mechanical force gauges listed below. Mechanical force gauge is not suitable for impact test or destructive test.


a digital force gauge (also push-pull gauge) is an instrument used to measure tensile or compression forces. They are portable and have a digital display that denotes the force exerted in push-pull tests. For more complex tests which require higher levels of precision, they can be used along with force test stands. 

Any digital force gauge will consist of the following components: load cell, electronics unit, software, and display. The load cell is the crux of any force measuring instrument. Basically, it is a force transducer that can convert the tensile or compression force to electrical signals, which can in turn be measured.

Product Details:
Brand Imada
Display Type Digital