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Product Description

Saponifier S10 is a aqueous cleaning solution for cleaning
Printed Circuit Boards.
It is commonly used to clean PCB post soldering.
This is a concentrate which needs to be diluted as per customers requirement.
After dilution, the PCBs should be kept in the solution bath
for sufficient time for complete residue removal.
After dip, the PCB should be cleaned with water.
It rinses easily,and provides brilliant bright finished solder joints.
It has an extended shelf life.
Saponifier S10 solution can be used in batch, in-line or in
ultrasonic cleaning machines.
After cleaning, the boards should be dried by suitable means.
The solution should not be used to clean PCB which have
Transformers, or open relays.
Exposure to skin should be avoided.
Wearing gloves during operation is mandatory.

Physical State : Liquid
Odor : None
Appearance : Colourless liquid
Solubility in water : Complete
Shelf Life : 2 years
Application : Dip
Dilution :1 5
Storage : Room Temperature
Dwell Time : 20 mins