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Smoke Collector

Product Description

Welding of metals causes the generation of fume and fine particles that are harmful to health. If this fume and fine particles are not discharged from the working environment correctly, it causes an unhealthy working environment. Unhealthy working environments lead to production losses, inefficiencies, and employee unrest. Companies which do not increase precautions against occupational accidents and diseases are experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel and face lawsuits with serious consequences in the long term because of the increased awareness in recent years. Companies that take precautions against work accidents and occupational diseases at the highest level have increased productivity, thanks to employee satisfaction as well as providing a sustainable production centre.

Product Details:

Applicable Tape Width7-50mm
PowerPower18 W
Power SupplyAC 110V/60Hz AC 220V/50Hz
AC 110V/60Hz AC 220V/50Hz5-40 degree C
Ambient HumidityLess than 80% RH
Dimensions137 W x 218 D x 150 H